Turn-Key Password Cracking Workflow for the Enterprise


Easy to Get Started

Crack your first password in fifteen minutes or less using the Get Cracking guide.

Interactive Dictionary and Attack Plan Management

Build and manage Dictionaries and Attack Plans using a simple user interface.

Save Time and Money

Control password cracking resources using resource consumption reporting.

Utilize Commercial Cloud GPU Resources

Quickly spin up GPU resources from Amazon to increase your power.

Compliance for Corporate and Enterprise IT Security

On-premises or secure cloud setting in any geography your business needs. Deploy internally, run completely offline.

Best in Class Support

Support from Experts in the field with high-level United States Federal security clearance.

Forge is a breakthrough password cracking workflow
that puts your team in a position to crack successfully! Charlie Wolford, CEO at Inferno Systems

About Forge

Forge cracks passwords from many types of formats and can do it using both local and cloud-based compute clusters.

Our Story

We began work on Forge after finding our consulting customers were in such frequent need of password cracking. Command-line tools required extensive customized scripting, devops and training to hand off effectively.

Using what we learned from extensive enterprise password cracking consulting, we built Forge as an interactive and compelling application to deliver clever features unavailable in the market.

Use Cases

Our Headquarters

Forge for Cybersecurity Consulting Firms

Learn how Forge is used to crack passwords in the enterprise.

Availability Options

Choose the subscription and level of support that fits your organization best.

  • Hosted Subscription

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    • Access a hosted copy of Forge via VPN
    • Up to 3 Users
    • 24/7 access to a powerful hashing cluster
    • Expand hashing on demand with cloud compute
    • 24/7 email support
  • Forge on your Infrastructure

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    • Forge deployed at your data center
    • Unlimited users
    • Hash on your own hardware or add cloud compute
    • LDAP / AD support
    • Offline / closed environment ready
    • Installation and custom integration services
    • 24/7 email support
  • Full Service

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    • Build-out of all hardware, physical nodes, system racks, power and cooling
    • Full time, on site, fully-cleared technical consultant
    • Direct assistance and execution on password cracking objectives
    • On-call, 24/7 in-person technical support

Contact Us

If you'd like to learn more about how Forge can help your organization, get in touch with us.

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